A little bit of wonderful

We have our own little house! After months and months of saving and saving and weekends filled with searching and searching and getting disappointed and hopeful all over again, it all suddenly happened very quickly. No sooner had I started to get my head around the idea of owning a house and all the stuff that goes with it, than we were standing at the front door with the keys in our hands. Opening the door, stepping into our (stinky) hallway and wandering around, trying to take it all in. To finally have something that belongs to us, that we can shape and mould and prettify just as we choose to, and that we can stay in for as long as we want is a lovely feeling, no doubt about it.

We've entered a homeowner-honeymoon period. Walking from room to room, examining everything, looking at each other incredulously, shaking hands and patting ourselves on the back. There is a lot to do, but at the moment we are filled with enthusiasm, desperate to get started. A whole new world of lists emerging.

On Friday

, after the big handover my family descended on us for a double celebration of buying a house and my sister’s exam results. A Moroccan feast and lots of champagne ensued. 

Dad was in charge of the catering. He made a beetroot, yoghurt and za'atar dip with crumbled goats cheese, a butternut squash and tahini spread and a baby spinach, date and almond salad to start (got to love Ottolenghi). 

Then we had the most delicious tender lamb and apricot tagine with almond-scattered couscous.

Red wine, speaking over one another, not enough space around our dining table. Forgetting to eat pudding. Going to bed late.

On Saturday

 we went to the new house, just a short drive from where we live now. It was cold, it was stinky, it had many, many flaws. But it was ours! All weekend making mental lists and notes of all the things we need to do. Debates about what should be done first, when, how. Everyone has an opinion in my family. And excitement, and looking ahead to when it’s beautiful and clean and warm. 

We'll definitely be keeping that fireplace. Not.

View of the garden from the dining room window (next door's fence needs some tlc too)

One of my favourite bits of the house.

Another favourite spot. This room gets so much sun. 

I have a strange love for our landing. Not for those dark grey walls though.

Hello floorboards. We're planning to sand you.

View of the

mud bath


On Saturday

 evening we went for dim sum at


 (good but a little overpriced) and to see


 at what I think must be the most vertiginous theatre in London. 

We were naughty and got chips on the way home. Turns out our sometime-cat really likes chips.


. Fried breakfasts and lots more noise, showers, arguing, making up, and streams and streams of never-ending washing up. Then we waved everyone off, hopped in the car and spent the rest of the day at the new house. 

We stripped wallpaper, stood back (many times) to admire our work, listened to radio 4 and bonded with our new home. Exhausted. Happy.

The End.