Happy Valentine.

We had a very low key Valentine's Day as usual. We never really celebrate it but for some reason it felt quite unexpectedly special this year. Maybe because it was our first married one! We had Negronis (we are totally obsessed with these since we drank looaads of them on our honeymoon) and then R made macaroni cheese and we ate it with lots of red wine. Then we watched a few episodes of Girls (love that show). 

R made me a Valentine's card. I think it was the first time he ever made me anything! He even used the sewing machine! Of course I absolutely loved it:) 

I was quite pleased with the one I made too:) The heart fits into the little brown pocket, and you can pull it out using the string attached. 

Macaroni cheese has a very special place in our hearts. It was the meal we ate the evening we got engaged! We are one classy couple:) R makes the cheesiest, richest, most indulgent macaroni cheese ever. One of the reasons I love him!

All in all, I felt like one very lucky, very happy girl. Happy belated Valentine's day, and apologies for the smush!!!