More Birthdays

Easter is always a special time in our family. Not for any religious reason, but because me and my baby sister have our birthdays very close to Easter and so we always end up having some sort of birthday-Easter celebration at mum and dads'. 

This year we had to celebrate without our middle sister as she's in Nepal on a medical elective. We're missing her! But she's having an amazing time so we can't be too annoyed with her. And it meant we got to eat her Easter eggs. 

R and I left work early on Thursday and drove down to Wales where preparations for the birthday were in full swing. It was her 21st (can't believe she got so old and grown up!) so it was a big one! We had a  meal at home with all of us and her lovely friends. Lots of champagne was drunk, lots of food was eaten, some games were played and a very merry time was had by all!

Mum and dad had spent the day cooking up a feast. We arrived after everything had been done (perfect timing). 

Mum made lots of delicious Italian antipasti to start. Baked red peppers with garlic and cherry tomatoes and grilled aubergine with basil and feta. 

And bruschetta with prawns, rocket, lemon and chilli, and with mozarella and sundried tomatoes. Delish. 

After that we had fillet of beef wrapped in parma ham, porcini mushrooms and rosemary, with sauted potatoes. This dish is a family favourite and mum now has it down to a fine art. I forgot to take pictures (too busy eating). 

For pudding we had chocolate mousses and pavlovas with cream and passionfruit. 

I made sure to do some good posing in the kitchen. Wearing my new polka dot skirt:)

And then it was time for the CAKE!

21! I still can't believe it. Even if she is the most mature, sensible and grounded one of the three of us. She really has turned into the most beautiful, loving and intelligent woman and I feel so proud to have her as my little sister. Even if she does tell me off quite often. 

The aftermath. A wonderful 21st for a pretty damn special dudette. Happy Birthday Nen! X