A day out in Wales

It feels like a long time ago now but I thought I would just share some piccies from a lovely Easter weekend at home. The weather was so lovely! We made sure to get out and about to soak up some rays and breathe in the country air.

We happened across a plant sale in the town near mum and dads' and made a few purchases. Hostas, foxgloves, lupins, delphiniums and a couple of soft, fleshy little succulents. I hope they'll be happy in our London soil:)

We also dropped into the local

Tools for Self Reliance

It's a brilliant place. The charity restores and refurbishes donated tools and sends them to Africa. The aim is to provide practical help to communities on the other side of the world. The tools were so beautiful - they felt as though they'd been saved and loved back to health!

Afterwards we made a stop at our local reclamation yard,


. We wanted to have a look at their Victorian doors and fireplaces for the new house. They always have pretty garden furniture too.

Wearing my new birthday scarf from Mum:)

And yellow necklace that has been making me feel all sunny and happy. 

We loved this safe, but we didn't think we'd get it home.

We returned home to find our old ginger moggy, Milo, waiting for us, sunbathing. 

We had a brownie (homemade by my sister with creme eggs hidden inside - OMG) and a cup of tea.

 If only every day could be like that!