A few weekends ago we went to stay with R's mum and her partner at their house in Devon. It was such a sunny weekend. 

We took a trip to Beer and had a lovely fish and chip lunch overlooking the sea. 

After lunch we wandered down to the beach. The sea was glittering. 

The boats looked beautiful. So did the rows of striped deckchairs and coloured parasols. 

We decided to go on a little jaunt in a boat of our own. 

Luckily the sea was very calm, like a big blue lagoon. 

My toes enjoyed their first outing of the year!

We tried a spot of fishing. I think all the fishes ran away from us though.  

Sadly we didn't catch any for our tea. 

I took to the helm and brought us back to land. 

We both love being out on the ocean. We must take more boat trips!

When we got home we suddenly felt a bit sleepy. All that sea air I guess. 

We had a cup of tea in the garden and a read of the Saturday papers. 

And I mooched around the garden, planning what I'm going to plant in our new garden!

I spotted this beautiful shy peony poking its head out from among the grasses. 

And a wild forest kitty, stalking through the undergrowth. 

And having a roll on a nice warm stone. 

The next day, after a lazy breakfast, we went to feed the sheep. (Yes, sheep!)

After a small detour via the veggie patch and a the cow parsley meadow........

These sheep are possibly the most spoilt sheep in Devon. 

They're very snuffly though and they quite like being stroked. 

After sheep-feeding, we headed out to Lyme Regis. 

I wore my new Ines de La Fressange dress from Uniqlo. 

We had lunch at the

Hix Oyster and Fish House


It was very nice indeedy. I had the huss! 

After all the busy craziness at the moment, it was good to have a restful, slow weekend at the seaside. Just what the doctor ordered.