We're in!

After months of DIY, hundreds of decisions about tiles and grouting and taps and radiators and sockets and light switches, and longing and waiting and a fair bit of despairing too, we have finally moved into our house! We are surrounded by dust and boxes, we are living in a very limited number of rooms (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom) and we have what seems like months (even years?) of jobs ahead of us, but we are in! It feels like a milestone and a massive relief.

We celebrated by inviting my sisters and my sister’s boyfriend over to move boxes and unpack and stuff. We toasted over a Babur takeaway, with the patio door open and a warm evening breeze drifting in.

I am totally thrilled with our kitchen. It’s so much lighter than I thought it would be and it’s such

a lovely sociable space to cook and chat and eat. I think it will definitely be where we spend the most time. 

I made a curtain to go under our sink. I've always wanted one of these and it makes me happy every time I see it. Our ikea cabinets and domsjo sink are settling in nicely. 

We've also had my parents to stay a couple of times. It's been amazing being able to have guests again, especially when they help out with painting! 

We are slowly getting used to living in a different place, in a new house. So far we like:

  • How light it is everywhere
  • Sitting at the kitchen table looking out onto the garden.
  • THE DISHWASHER. It's changed our lives.
  • How quiet and peaceful our street is.
  • How close the park is.
  • Our beautiful white walls – NO MORE MAGNOLIA IN OUR LIVES!
  • That the walk to the station is downhill – excellent for a perpetual late-o like me.
  • The fact that we can do exactly what we want to our own walls and no one can tell us off – shelves, pictures, posters, you name it!
  • Our amazing loft. 

Things that are taking a bit more getting used to are:

  • The slightly longer commute. Boo.
  • The weirdly large number of foxes we seem to have living near us – seriously -  screeching, barking, yowling every night from about 11pm. And one night, at about 4am I woke (due to the security light coming on) to find a whole group (pack?) of them just chilling out on our lawn.
  • A rather rude neighbourhood kitty who is insisting on using our front garden as a toilet. Not ok, however sweet and fluffy you are.
  • That the walk home from the station is uphill - not good for a lazy-o like me.
  • The fact that we have no curtains. Hello moon.

All in all though, it's very exciting being here and seeing it all come together. I will post some photos of our bathroom soon!