A year (and a bit)

So a little while ago R and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary (!) which happened to coincide with the wedding of some of our lovely friends. We hit the road for the countryside, firstly to the Cotswolds and then to Somerset. We didn't bother with presents, we just enjoyed having a few days to ourselves, sleeping, eating and forgetting about DIY and work. 

We spent two nights in Broadwell, at the very pretty 

Finial House

 which was full to the rafters with antique furniture, vintage clothes, books and all sorts of other quirky things to look at. Right up our street. 

A very relaxing place to stay for a few nights. We had a beautiful room right at the top of the house - this was the view from our bedroom...aaahhhh....

On Saturday we woke up, stuffed ourselves with delicious eggs and bacon and got ourselves glammed up. I did a bit of posing in the garden.

The wedding was so much fun. We saw all our friends from uni, and we spent a lovely day wandering in the gardens of the beautiful venue, sipping champagne and cocktails, eating, gossiping and dancing until we collapsed. 

It brought back all the amazing memories from our wedding a year before. We all got a bit weepy!

The bride and groom looked totes gorgeous.

And R scrubbed up quite well too!

Such a beautiful, informal and romantic day. The best sort of wedding. 

And after all that wedding excitement, we headed off to celebrate our own in

Mollie's hut

in Somerset. We were hoping for some fresh air and seclusion and we weren't disappointed. Long evenings making fires and cooking over the coals, star watching as darkness fell, the smell of smoke and fire in our hair, lighting our way to bed with candles, owls twit-twooing as we drifted into long sleeps. If I could have stayed forever I would have. 

People at work didn't really understand why I would want to spend my anniversary in a hut in a field with no toilet, but I honestly can't think of a more special way to spend a weekend. No tv, no laptop, no phones, not even any electricity. Somehow a million times more relaxing than a posh hotel (and a million times more affordable too). A chance to chat and catch up with each other, to warm our faces in the sun, to cosy down and wake up to the sound of the birds and sheep. 

We made friends with Flash, the dog who lived on the farm. He was a trusty companion, and a big fan of sausages. 

This was the walk to the bathroom - past the cornflowers 

The farm was also home to four donkeys, two baby donkeys, horses, sheep, chickens, cats and swallows nesting in the barn. I was pretty much in seventh heaven. 

We walked to the local pub for dinner. 

And then wandered back as the sun was setting.

This was the drive up to the farm. It looked like the South of France. 

When we got back we met some rather stupid (but handsome) sheep. 

And a very friendly mummy donkey. 

And her extremely fluffy donkey-baby. I was totally in love. 

After an extensive baby-donkey-grooming-session we headed back to our hut for a camp fire. 

When we woke up we were greeted with a home-cooked fried breakfast which we gobbled up before setting off on an adventure. 

We went to explore nearby Frome which we both really liked. It reminded me a bit of the town I grew up in.

We had a wander up Catherine Hill, filled with curious little shops and pretty houses, although lots of the shops were shut as it was a Monday. I was a bit sad about this (R was quite relieved). 

We had lunch in the lovely Garden Cafe. 

Afterwards we took a drive to Wells to check out the Cathedral. It was pretty spectacular but my photos didn't really do it justice.

We also popped into

Wells Reclamation

but it was all a bit overwhelming and we only bought a little wooden box and some brass numbers for our front door. 

We did like these two though!

We went home for a field- barbecue. This time with an audience.....

We snuggled up by the fire until it got totally dark and started to turn a bit chilly. And then we retreated to our hut, all toasty from the log burner. 

Isn't this the cosiest little bedroom you ever saw?

Wonderful, wonderful.