Lewisham Model Market

This is a very belated post but I thought it was worth a mention as we had a lovely local evening out at Lewisham's Model Market during the summer. It ran all through the summer and was just down the road from us so we had to check it out. We headed out one balmy evening with our friend Jak and my sister. It was such a warm, heady summer evening. Hard to imagine now as the wind is howling and rain pelting down outside! 

It was set up in an abandoned 1950s indoor and outdoor market just off Lewisham high street. It was amazing to see so many people there, and such good news for Lewisham, which, let's face it, doesn't always inspire the most positive comments (we love Lewisham, but not everyone does!). Adorned in festoon lights, and with smoke and music and the sound of people having a good time, the old market looked rather lovely. 

We found some seats in an old hairdressers (complete with barber chairs and mirrors!) and took it in turns to go and choose our dinner(s)!! There was lots of choice so it was quite difficult as me and my sister pretty much wanted to eat everything..... twice. We are both total gluttons.

We had some incredible Malaysian sliders (satay chicken, beef rendang and spicy chickpea) from

Sambal Shiok

 and delicious steamed bun from

Yum Bun

with slow cooked pork belly, cucumber and hoisin sauce. 

We also had some teeny little naans from

Rola Wala

topped with Goan pulled pork, chicken tikka and beetroot, paneer and coconut daal. Yum. 

It was quite expensive (about ยฃ10 for 3 naans) but the foot was all very good and the queues weren't too bad either (I HATE queueing for food). 

After we'd stuffed ourselves we had some more beers and some cocktails and had a good catch up. There was a really nice atmosphere, lots of children and groups of friends. The inevitable hipsters taking a trip down south from Dalston, but not too many. A good smattering of locals too, which was nice to see. I hope they come back next year!