More Xmas happenings

My my these last couple of weeks have been a flurry of activity! R has been working flat out so I haven’t seen much of him for the last few weeks which has been really tough on both of us. Every free moment has been filled with last minute shopping, work Xmas parties, catching up with people before the holidays and crazily crafting! Phew, we are in need of a holiday me thinks. We are both working up to Xmas eve but then have the whole time off. I CANNOT WAIT.

Anyway, the crafting has continued. I made another wreath -  a twiggy star, which I have hung over our boiler cupboard in the kitchen. 

There are tons of these all over Pinterest and it wasn’t hard at all  - just binding a few twigs together and then softening with foliage, twigs, berries, anything! It started out green but has got progressively browner over the weeks!

I think it’s rather lovely though, I will definitely make another of these next year. In fact, why limit it to Christmas??

R and I have got into a tradition of designing our Christmas cards for the last couple of years. I create a design and then we scan it in and send it to


who print them for us. So far it works very well. 

This year, I painted a water-colour bauble and then gold-penned it with gold snow. I just made the last posting day, woo hoo! I hope people like them.

Is it just me that constantly has the most ridiculously long to do lists??

Yesterday I did a wrapping-a-thon, hunkered down in the sitting room, Christmas films on loop (enough to make you go mad, actually!). Bobby and Bruce kept me company. Turns out they LOVE wrapping presents. Think string, tissue paper - kitty heaven.

I couldn’t find any wrapping paper that I really liked this year, so we bought some brown parcel paper and printed swans on it. 

For the others I used some old wallpaper, in a rather lovely 80s floral pattern that has totally won me over despite not really liking it to start with. It looked particularly beautiful splattered in glitter!

I actually love wrapping presents. I love the ritual of it, and get a lot of joy from prettifying my pressies!

I managed to incorporate some dried leaves, and even squeezed a few sprigs of eucalyptus and fir in among the sellotape:) I'm not sure how well these pressies will travel.....

Finally, a last minute dash to Spitalfields on Saturday awarded me with some rather lovely (and very cheap) Danish paper from


. I forgot to buy parcel tags this year so I stamped circles out of an old pizza box (haha!) and wallpaper.

In a Sunday night surge of creativity I decided to make some pressies for our little furries, and a couple of extra ones for R’s mum’s cats (Lola and Tinker) who we will be visiting after Christmas. Yes, I am mad. 

I used felt and old scraps of fabric and slipped a bit of cat nip into their bodies. And gave them a wool-tail. 

BB and B were very interested.  They didn’t seem to understand that kitties have to wait until Christmas day to get their pressies. 

Actually, they will have to wait until the new year as we are going to Wales for the holidays and won’t be back until the start of Jan. Oh I’m going to miss those two little naughties!

Tonight = making wreath to take to Mum, finishing cat toys, wrapping the rest of the pressies, packing for the holidays and about a million other things!! Eeek!