Food for February

My cooking and eating enthusiasm has continued into February, and I have been trying lots of new recipes. These are the ones I remembered to take pictures of. 

Fragrant squash, chickpea and coconut curry with brown rice and parathas. Loosely based on


recipe and very easy.

Pan-fried lamb steak with crushed cannellini beans, garlic and spinach. This was very quick and a good meal for one in front of the telly (on a night when R was working late and I was on my lonesome!)

Boiled eggs, hot tea and marmite on toast for a lazy Saturday morning brunch with my sister.

A middle eastern feast to welcome R home from a work trip to Munich.

Warm aubergine and chickpea salad with yoghurt and walnut sauce, inspired by



Turkish beetroot dip with feta and pomegranate. 

Delicious flatbreads and olives from our local


Spicy chilli-laced kebabs and haloumi and a crisp, lemony salad of tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage and coriander. 

Followed by the most delicious baklava! (not homemade). 

Another lamb steak, this time with peas, fennel, lemon, thyme and feta. Very delicious. 

This weekend just gone we had friends to stay and I made patlican soslu (a turkish meze of aubergines, peppers and tomatoes with garlic) to mop up with giant flatbreads.

Followed by Yotam Ottolenghi

chicken with caramelised onions and cardamom


swiss chard with tahini and pine-nuts

. The chard was lovely but I was expecting a bit more from chicken. It was fragrant and comforting but perhaps a bit too gentle. 

For pudding I made rosewater and cardamom ice-cream but forgot to take a picture so you will just have to believe me. 

In other news, things have been ticking along quite nicely. I've been a bit poorly this week so have been taking it easy, sleeping lots and taking long restorative baths. We have a couple of free weekends coming up and so have some more DIY planned. And progress has been made in our study - I will post some photos soon!