Things making me happy in February

A few things that have been making me smile during February. Tulips and anemones catching rays of sunshine in these bright and cold February days. And sweet smelling hyacinths, perfume wafting around the kitchen.

Discovering a bag of lovely old fabrics that R's mum gave me and I had totally forgotten about

Making pancakes with my love. 

Putting up my star lantern, finally! (And curtains, yay!)

And catching this crazy shadow!

White roses from my lovely friend, Elonwy

Watching the kitties enjoying exploring our newly-decorated study.

My new crochet rug that reminds me of the 70s.

The kitties are very keen on it too:)

Our temporary (or not so temporary?) postcard wall.

Finally getting round to ombre-ing a paper lampshade. 

And feeling quite pleased with how it turned out. 

An understated Valentine's Day spent with friends.

A glass of wine (or two) in front of the fire. 

And these two, who seem to get naughtier every day. 

And everywhere you look, crocuses and snowdrops are poking up their little heads, the daffs are blooming and there is a distinct smell of springtime in the air, woo hoo!