A Sunday in September

September has been sunny so far! It teased us with a couple of chilly days and then boom, the sun came back! You can feel the autumnal chill in the mornings, dew on the grass, cold smell in the air, and the evenings are getting seriously nippy. There are michealmas daisies in the borders and crunchy leaves on the pavements, but there has also been glorious sunshine, big blowy washing days, genuine warmth of late summer. 

All in all, perfect conditions for a carboot sale and a walk, which is exactly what we did a couple of weekends ago. 

Early on Sunday morning, we hopped in the car and drove down to Hayes Street Farm, which is only about 20 mins drive from Hither Green. We had been to this car boot once before and bought lots of very cheap lovely things, and it didn't disappoint this time either. 

It starts at 6am but we only got there at about 10am (it was a Sunday!) and there were still bargains to be had. In fact, sometimes getting there late can be good, because people start selling off cheap.

I love stalls with boxes of books at leaflets like these - sometimes I wish we didn't have the internet, and if you wanted to learn about the Houses of Parliament, you just read a little pamphlet and that was that!

This was another of our favourite stalls - rows of beautiful old tools, each telling their own story, handles worn smooth, ready for their next owner. 

After a cup of tea and a muffin stop, we got back in the car and headed to Dulwich Woods which we had been meaning to visit for a long time. I was craving countryside!

The woods were very pretty and dapply, and we had a nice wander although there were rather alot of other people who had obviously had the same idea. 

We took a picnic and inadvertently attracted a lot of very interested doggies out on their walks!

We came across this old disused railway bridge deep and I had a good old peer into the darkness (couldn't see much).

The leaves and the trees and the branches were so beautiful - I felt inspired to take lots of pictures!

I liked the woods alot - it felt special to be surrounded by trees and leaves in the heart of Dulwich (!) but I was expecting them to be a bit wilder and it wasn't really possible to get lost in them which was a bit disappointing. There was some sort of loud drumming taking place nearby which sort of shattered the peace!

On one side of the woods there was an amazing view of the City in the distance. 

After a good stretch of the legs, we headed home for scones and a cup of tea in the last of the sunshine.

I had a nice time looking at all of our purchases.

Old drawer £3

Vintage bottles and jars £1.50

Enamel basins £1.50

Books £1

Trowel, secateurs and oilstone £15

1970s West German plant pot £3

 Olive necklace £4

Vintage suitcase £15

We also bought two folding garden/camping chairs pictured here for £5 for the two. This was my best purchase as I'd wanted some for ages and these babies sell for about £35 on ebay! Bruce made sure to give them a good sniffing. 

Cat with a penchant for scones £10.50 (we valued him on webuyanycat) - contact me if you're interested. 

We sat on our new chairs, drank our tea, munched our scones and enjoyed the last rays of sun on our faces. Sunday fun-day x