Chutney making

We had a glut of runner beans this year. I have stewed them, curried them, eaten them plain up with butter and pepper, made ratatouille, given them away to everyone and anyone....and still we had runner beans...!

There was nothing left but to make chutney! 

I got my sisters involved - we spent a lazy Saturday in the kitchen drinking tea, chatting and chutney-ing. To be honest, they are not the greatest chutney fans (why would you eat anything other than Branston pickle?) but they were happy to chop and stir. 

Luckily I had lots of empty jam jars hanging around (perks of being a hoarder). I sterilised them in the oven (10 mins at 180 degrees C) and boiled the lids. 

I used

this recipe

as a rough guide, adding bramley apple and courgette as suggested (courgette from our own garden, I may add). I halved the amount of vinegar though. 

I made them little labels and frilly hats. 

Now we have to wait for a month before it's ready to eat!