House update - our bedroom

I've been meaning to do a house update post for a little while now, since we finished our house. I thought I would start with our bedroom, since its one of my favourite rooms. I tidied a bit before I took these photos, but there I have since spotted bits of everyday detritus hanging around! 

My bedside table is always very full - this is it at its tidiest. I love my 70s ceramic lamp which I bought on ebay, and the little handmade woven basket was bought in a market in Morocco and is where I keep cotton wool for taking off my makeup!

This little M plate was from Anthropologie and I thought it would be a perfect bedroom plate. It hangs beside a favourite wedding photo. 

This is R's side of the bed. 

This is our view from bed. We have two lovely big windows in this room which means that the room is very light and bright. 

At the moment this is where I'm keeping some of my jewellery and a rather vigorous scented geranium as well as other bits and bobs, and the all important radio, for listening to while getting dressed in the morning. 

These photos were taken in two batches hence the change of plant pot!

I am a big fan of old suitcases. These were bought at a car boot sale for very little and are perfect for storing clothes and scarves. I now have quite a collection of covered clothes hangers - they're so pretty, especially the wooly ones.

The furniture in here is a mix of old and new. Our bed was John Lewis and the wardrobe was mum and dads' that they passed to me and I painted. The rest of it is either from antique or junk shops, nothing was very expensive! 

This huge fluffy sheepskin is a beloved present from R and incidentally makes a perfect kitty bed. It's so snuggly on bare feet. 

I LOVE wicker lampshades. I have them in almost all the rooms of the house....! 

My dressing table/chest of drawers has a tendency to become a dumping ground and I am perpetually tidying it. It is also a bit of a dust trap. 

Sadly the fireplace was ripped out of this room years ago but we still have a chimney breast where we have started a little botanical picture display. 

So there it is - our bedroom. There is no theme or colour scheme and essentially it's just a bright, calm space full of things that we love and make us happy. It's certainly not perfect and like all of the rooms of the house will, I'm sure, evolve as our tastes change and develop and we acquire things and let other things go. For now though, I'm pretty happy with it:)

Next up, bathroom.