House update - spare room

I still have a few photos of our house to share, including these of our spare bedroom which was one of the last rooms to finish and for almost a year used as a dumping ground, poor little room. It makes me feel very proud looking at these photos as a reminder of what we have achieved. No room is perfect by any means but each is bright and simple and cosy and a lot of hard work went into achieving that!

This was the only room with an original fireplace so I wanted to make sure it was visible. It is the first thing you see when you open the door, and I arranged the furniture around it so as not to obscure it too much.

The mantelpiece is a perfect place for these two little cacti to live. I bought these from a market stall on the seafront in Marseilles and brought them all the way back on the train. They seem happy enough although they haven't grown at all.....

The botanical prints were a bargain from ebay. Some I have framed, others just stuck to the wall with washi tape. 

The amazing elephant head was a present from R a couple of years ago. He's very precious - I named him Babar (not very original I know!)

The bamboo chair is quite a recent (again, ebay) purchase and the sheepskin was a cast-off from my sister. 

 As well as a spare room, this room is where R keeps his clothes and other stuffs including his beloved G-plan chest of drawers. Eventually I'd like to get an alcove cupboard built for this corner, but we need to save a few more pennies first. 

This is also the current home for our Jo Waterhouse fishy. We were a bit space-limited so we went for a small double bed from Ikea. 

There wasn't really room on the other side of the bed for a bedside table so we mounted an old drawer on the wall for a place for guests to put their book and glass of water. 

So far we have had no complaints from guests!