a winter dinner

Things are getting pretty Christmassy around here! I'm slowly getting into the Christmas groove and this weekend we got the decorations down from the loft, started to plan our decorations, collected greenery and began the making. I'm so excited about the Christmas decorating this year! 

I will  some of the things I've been making soon but first I just wanted to share some pictures of a wintry dinner that we had recently with our friends. 

I had collected some beautiful leaves from our local park and preserved them in a mixture of glycerin and water to stop them curling and drying out. When you preserve them like that their colours change slightly but they stay flexible and papery. I wanted to display them somehow and so hung them over the table. They created lovely moving shadows on the ceiling. 

I had lots of fun decorating the table with boughs of holly and rosemary, candles, and delicate green hydrangeas. 

I filled some tiny old terracotta pots with pebbles and then put a candle in them and arranged little sprigs of fir. I'm going to do these again for our Christmas table.

It all felt very cosy and atmospheric. We lit the fire and feasted, welcoming the beginning of winter proper. 

We cooked simple earthy curries and dahl with piles of rice and naan breads, spiced chicken wings and fresh indian salad. Plus clementine and ginger prosecco cocktails and pudding of white chocolate and cardamom mousses with raspberries. Delicious!

The aftermath!