A few slow days

Between Christmas and New Year we spent a few lovely quiet days with our families in various locations including London, Devon, South Wales and West Wales. We enjoyed a bit of time away from the normal routine, time to watch the day stretch ahead of us, to talk, to stretch our legs and take in our surroundings in a slow, gentle sort of way. 

The day after boxing day we walked to Blackheath and down to Greenwich and R took some lovely photos of us ambling along. I especially like the one of me and my mum - I've realised that we so rarely get pictures of us together. It was so weirdly mild we hardly needed coats!

My littlest sister refused to have her photo taken hence the hood. She looks like the kid from

East is East

A day or so later we headed down to Devon to visit R's mum and her partner. We spent a lovely gentle day in Topsham, a place that totally enchanted me. It felt like the first properly cold and bright day of winter and the light, the light!

The sun left shimmering silver and black lines across the estuary bed and everything glowed. 

I enjoyed looking down at my sparkly feet. 

R held the sticks (and took the odd photo or two). Driftwood in Devon is the best.

Topsham was full of gorgeous picturesque little houses with lovely doors. Seriously lovely doors. 

And the odd bit of rather fancy stained glass too. 

We ate a hearty pub lunch before watching the sun descend slowly behind the sailing boats. A special day. 

After a couple of days in Devon we headed to mum and dad's to see them and meet their new (crazy) springer spaniel. Then we drove down to West Wales for new year, in keeping with tradition. Lots of walks, lots of fires, lots and lots of eating. I completely forgot to take pictures, but sometimes I think that's exactly how it should be. 

At some point I will share my (somewhat belated) thoughts for the new year. I'm easing myself in slowly. x