Petals and salts

I've been making bath salts again, for long soaks in the bath after muddy walks or wet journeys home from work. I love making these - there's a lovely ritual to it that is relaxing in itself, and the smell of the oils and petals and the feel and gentle sound of the salts being stirred is rather lovely. It's also much cheaper than buying them, and you can choose exactly what you put in!

I still had a lot of Epsom salts left from the last time I made these (


) and I love the scent of roses so I used rose geranium oil (bought from Amazon). I have also made these with lavender oil which is lovely and relaxing (although fishing the lavender flowers out of the bath after is not so fun!). 

You could use pretty much any oil you wanted - I have been meaning to buy some eucalyptus oil too - I think that would make really fresh, herbal salts for a more refreshing bath (if such a thing is possible!)

These are so easy to make. I mixed about 5 cups of salts with a couple of handfuls of dried rose petals and about 10 drops of oil. Then you just give it a good stir and have a good breathe in - it will smell amazing!

Bottle it up in a nice glass bottle or jar (or jug so you can just pour - that would be nice!) and plonk it next to your bath ready to enjoy. These also make lovely little presents for friends in jam jars. 

Add a couple of generous shakes to a long hot bath. I'm a mega bath fan myself but even if you're not, taking a bath is one of those rare activities where you can't really do much else at the same time. The perfect excuse to shut yourself away for 20 minutes of quiet and calm, to simply lie and think and let your mind and body relax.