A tour of my shed

I thought it was high time I gave you a tour of my shed, as it’s a little while since we finished it and I have been getting so much joy from it. It is the perfect place to escape for a few hours, immerse myself in a bit of weaving, with the radio chatting away next to me and a candle burning gently. I spent many happy hours in it over the summer and now I’ve bought a heater for it so plan to make it a cosy little winter space too.

My shed started life as a very modest 5ft x 7ft orange box purchased from Tiger sheds. We bought our other small tool-shed from there too and would recommend them – they’re not too expensive, arrive quickly and are easy to construct. When we overhauled the garden (see


), we found a huge pile of rubble and glass at the end of the garden where the previous inhabitants had knocked down a greenhouse. We were at a bit of a loss as to what to do with it, but then realised that if levelled over, it would make quite a good foundation for a cement shed base. We hauled most of the biggest boulders away (backbreaking hell) and then got someone to level it off, build a frame for the base, and fill it with cement.

Once constructed, the first thing we did was paint it all over in a very soft grey Sandolin weatherproof paint which actually looks a lot more like white than grey. We had to do several coats to get a good finish but I’m pleased with the colour. I wanted it to be a light colour so as to lift that end of the garden which can look a bit gloomy on grey days. I also knew we’d be looking at it a lot so wanted a gentle neutral colour rather than anything too bright.

Inside I painted it bright white to maximise the space and light. I needed lots of storage for all my crafting bits and bobs so I set about painting stuff (also in white). I used some wooden drawers I bought ages ago as wall shelves which worked really well as they are shallow and don’t stick out into the space too much. 

Raoul built me a narrow shelf under the window and I painted a little bathroom cabinet I picked up in a junk shop ages ago that still has a very strong smell of TCP!

I attached nails to the wall to store my large loom and my baskets of wool.

Raoul’s dad donated his rather lovely pink filing cabinet for all my fabrics which fits in the corner very nicely. I used little Bonne Maman jars for threads, buttons and ribbons, and attached hooks under the shelves for extra storage. 

I made two very simple curtains out of an old table runner and bought a simple hanging light so I can keep working into the evening. 

My little blue 50s table is a beloved purchase from ebay – I think I paid about £30 for it. The wire shelves were also from ebay.

The shed doesn’t have electricity so when I want to use my sewing machine or light I run an extension cord from our outdoor plug, which works very well. I’m currently looking for a cheap battery powered radio that I can leave in there, and I would also like to replace the lock on the door for something a bit prettier, and fit a proper door handle.

The thing I love most about my shed is that it is my little space that I can do with as I please, fill with as much clutter as I like and leave as messy or tidy as I want. 

It really didn't cost very much but it's transformed our garden and given me an inspirational space to do my thing!