Christmas 2016 - a DIY nature inspired Advent calendar

It's that time of year again folks! Just a few more days and the Christmas countdown will begin. I've been trying my best to resist all Christmas-related stuff over the last few months but there really isn't long to go now and I'm starting to feel just a little bit excited...! 

Incredibly for me, I have managed this year to get my arse into gear and make my advent calendar in good time for the beginning of December - woohoo! And not only that, I also managed to take some pictures and put together this little tutorial in case you fancy making your own. There's still time!

To make this advent calendar, you will need the following:

  • one stick or small branch

  • 25 small luggage tags (I used these)

  • 25 brown money envelopes (I used these)

  • A marker pen

  • Thread for hanging the envelopes

  • A hole punch

  • Sweets or chocolates

  • Sprigs of eucalyptus, feathers, dried orange slices or anything else you fancy to decorate your calendar

  • Mini pegs

  • Battery operated fairly lights (I used these)

  • Small inquisitive cat who will sniff everything and not help at all (optional)

1. Start by writing your numbers on the luggage tags, and removing their strings. 

2. Next punch holes in your brown envelopes, making sure that the hole goes through both the envelope and the foldy over bit.

3. Fill your envelopes with choccies, making sure to quality test a few as you go

4. Cut a piece of thread (about 60cm) and fold it in half. Then thread the folded point through the holes in the envelope and luggage tag, passing the ends of the thread back through the loop to secure the envelope closed.

5. Line all your parcels up, ready to be hung. Meanwhile, attach a long piece of twine or string to both ends of your stick/branch and hang it up on the wall.

6. Secure your parcels to the branch, making sure to space them evenly and at differing lengths.

7. Now for your decorations. Using your mini pegs, attach your sprigs of foliage, feathers and orange slices to the strings and parcels as you wish. If you didn't want to use pegs, you could alternatively tie the decorations to the branch with thread.

8. Once you're happy with your decorations, cut off any long pieces of excess thread and wind your fairy lights around your branch so that the whole thing twinkles. 

9. Stand back and admire your handiwork!

Happy advent everyone, I hope the coming few weeks are not too stressful! Let me know if you attempt an advent calendar of your own - I would love to see it!

Mary x

p.s. if you would like to see my advent calendars from 2014 and 2015 they are here and here.