Some news...!

Today is the first day of Spring (although the weather doesn't seem to have got the memo!) and it suddenly felt like the right time to share some exciting news with you, that I have until now been a bit shy about talking about. As you may have guessed from the photo above (!) we are having a baby! 

For some reason I have felt a bit reluctant to mention it on here and on social media - I think due to a combination of not wanting to jinx anything, and also a slight reluctance to share something so personal with so many people! But today I looked down at my (by now rather large) bump and suddenly had the urge to announce it and to share it with you all! 

Baby is due at the beginning of July, which at first felt like a very long way off, but now seems terrifyingly close! And as I get bigger and bigger with the passing of each week, the reality of this little womb person gets stronger and stronger. It is no longer an abstract idea but a moving, somersaulting, kicking, real little thing! Up until now I have been taking each day as it comes and trying not to look too far ahead, but as we get closer and closer to meeting our baby, I can feel the excitement growing and my mind getting busier with baby-shaped thoughts. 

Thankfully my pregnancy has (so far) been relatively easy going, and apart from a perpetually blocked nose and a constant desire to eat everything in sight, I have had few side effects to contend with. If I am honest, I have found the change to my sense of identity a little more difficult to come to grips with, as well as the uncertainty of what having a baby will mean for my new career and our marriage, and everything else.  

Giving up my old job last year and starting a new business this year felt like a pretty massive change in itself, and adding a new baby into the mix too feels incredibly exciting but also, at times, a little overwhelming. I can't predict what life with our baby will be like and so I guess I just have to take it as it comes and not put myself under too much pressure. And as the next few months progress, I know that I will have to make sure to impose some rest and relaxation on myself (something I find very difficult!), and allow myself time to nest and prepare for baby's arrival. 

It all still feels a little surreal, and I think it probably will do until baby is actually home with us and we're facing the first sleepless night together! Above all, both Raoul and I are incredibly grateful and happy that we will have the chance to become parents, and to experience all of the eagerly anticipated joys and obstacles that await us! 

Mary x

p.s. the urge to nest is setting in and so I am planning a few DIY baby posts in the coming months - watch this space!