Oh hi there baby!


As you may have gathered,  we welcomed a new tiny member of our family into the world back in June and I thought it was high time I introduced him and wrote a little bit about him, given the momentous impact he has had on our lives! 

What incredible joy and utter relief I felt when he finally emerged after 9 long months of waiting for him! And what a surreal and strange feeling to wake up the next day to find a tiny person sleeping in the room with us... a feeling that hasn't really gone even now (perhaps it never will!).  Up until the moment I saw him, part of me didn't really believe that I had a baby growing inside me... let alone one so perfect and delicate, with the sweetest, heavenliest baby smell that I have my nose buried into right now as I write this. 

We named our little babe Aneurin Ved so he has both a Welsh name and an Indian name to reflect our backgrounds. I have always loved Aneurin and the shortened Nye, and Ved is such a sweet name, meaning knowledge in Hindi. Of course we are still getting to know our little one, but it is already clear that he is determined and lively, full of life and energy, curious and oh so awake to the world around him. He is also a bit of a sleep refusenik, but I won't dwell on that! 


Parenthood is, well....what can I say?! Both everything and nothing like I thought it would be - wonderful and terrifying, uplifting and oh so draining too, fraught with anxiety and doubt, punctuated by moments of sheer delight and deep, scary, intense love.  The greatest leveller of all. It seems to me that there is no other way to handle it than to muddle through, grateful and exhausted, following my instinct, learning from my baby, ignoring most of the (seemingly never ending) advice, and hoping for the best. 


As for work...I am taking my time and enjoying these days with my little babe, for I know that they will pass all too quickly. I have found though that I need to continue dipping my toe in here and there, to keep me sane. I have a few blog posts in the pipeline, but they will no doubt be sporadic and slow as I adjust and figure out how to juggle it all....!

Until next time...

Mary x