Sweet and simple DIY Christmas garlands with Hobbycraft


I love getting my craft on at this time of year. There’s something about the combination of long dark evenings and the abundance of twinkly sparkly things everywhere that makes me want to get my craft box out and get making. There is also something hugely satisfying about making your own Christmas decorations - it’s a low cost way to make your home feel festive and beautiful at what is a really expensive time of year, and it’s also an excuse to take some time out and spend a couple of hours doing something mindful and calming during the madness of these pre-Christmas weeks.

This year I've teamed up with Hobbycraft to create three simple but beautiful Christmas garlands to be hung in your home. I've shopped at Hobbycraft for craft supplies for years so it is lovely to be working with them on this project, which requires a little time and a few easily sourced affordable materials. I’ve been making variations on these Christmas garlands for the last 3 or 4 years and they’re one of my favourite things to make. They look gorgeous hung across a mantelpiece or above a Christmas table, they also hang beautifully from hooks around the home, nestled in among fairy lights so that they twinkle. They are the perfect dressing for a Christmas tree too, used in the same way as tinsel, wrapped gently around the velvet green branches.

This tutorial will show you how to make three different garlands - one using wooden beads, one using gold and silver card, and the third using air dried clay.

Air dried clay garland

You will need:

  • Air drying modelling clay - I used this brand

  • Small star and circle cookie pastry cutter

  • Rolling pin

  • Cocktail stick

  • Silver florists or jewellery wire - this is what I used.

  1. Cut off a chunk of clay from your block and knead it for a minute or two in your hands to soften it and warm it up.

  2. Next, roll out the clay on a hard surface to about the thickness of a pound coin.

  3. Use your pastry cutters to cut out shapes from your clay. I used a circular cutter an star cutter but you could do Christmas trees, bells, diamonds, whatever you want! Smooth the edges of your shapes with your finger.

  4. You can press leaves and dried flowers into the clay to create patterns in the surface, or you can create texture using a fork or toothpick if you like.

  5. Use the cocktail stick to make a little hole in each shape once you’ve cut it out. This is what the wire will be threaded through so make sure it’s big enough!

  6. Leave your shapes to dry somewhere safe overnight until they have hardened up.

  7. Once your clay shapes are hard, thread them onto the silver wire, looping the wire around the shape and back out through the hole to keep it secure on the wire.

Sparkly card garland

You will need:

  • Gold and silver shiny and sparkly card - I used this and this

  • Circle and star craft punch in 1 inch size - these are perfect

  • Sewing machine

  • White thread

  1. Use the hand punch to punch out about 60 stars in a variety of different card colours and textures, and the same number of circles.

  2. Thread up your up your sewing machine with white thread and feed the shapes under the needle one by one until you have created a continuous garland. I did one starry garland and one circle but you could do a mixed garland - it’s totally up to you! Leave some excess thread at both ends so you have something to attach your garland with.

Scandi wooden bead garland

You will need:

  • 2 x pack of 60 unvarnished 12mm wooden beads - I used these

  • 2 x pack of 18 unvarnished 20mm wooden beads - I used these.

  • Strong cotton thread or string.

  1. Take a long length of string (about 2 metres) and start threading your beads on. I did a pattern of 5 small beads followed by one large bead, and so on until you use up all your beads.

  2. Tie a big knot in each end to stop the beads slipping off the string.


Now it’s just time to choose where to hang your garlands! I’ve put mine on the mantelpiece and door in the sitting room but I’m going to make some more card garlands for my tree too. I hope you feel inspired to try a bit of Christmas crafting yourself, and please do let me know if you make one of these garlands!

Mary x

This is a paid sponsored post written in collaboration with Hobbycraft, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.