Transforming our spare bedroom with TK Maxx


#AD - This is a paid sponsored post written in collaboration with TK Maxx but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

As some of you may know, we moved from London into our new house in Gloucestershire at the beginning of the year. Although the bare bones of the new house were great, when we moved in it was dated, tired and in desperate need of some TLC. I was desperate to put my mark on it and make it feel like mine. After months of planning and decision making, our builders got started a few weeks ago and we are now in the midst of floor sanding, tile laying and decorating. It’s a great feeling to have got started at last, but I will be so so happy when it’s finished and all the dust and mess has been cleared away!

Anyway, one of the rooms that is now complete is our spare room, which is a south facing square bedroom at the front of the house. This room previously had dark pink carpet, magnolia walls and white build in wardrobes, all of which I have changed (unsurprisingly!). I removed the wardrobes and carpet and sanded and whitewashed the floors. For the walls I chose a gentle neutral which looks grey in some lights, and a soft beige in others and gives the room the calm grown up feel I was aiming for. I found some second hand French bedside tables cheaply online and apart from placing them either side of the bed that was as far as I had got in this room! So when TK Maxx invited me to be part of their My Forever Find campaign, I realised it would be a perfect opportunity to spruce up this room and source some unique pieces to add depth and interest to the bedside corner.

Above are some pictures of what the bedside corner looked like before. Basically a blank canvas in need of some love! I love the wall colour and the bedside tables but the corner felt bland and uninspiring - it was in desperate need of an injection of personality, colour and texture. TK Maxx challenged me to visit one of their stores and source some #foreverfinds that would add instant impact to this corner and with that in mind I headed out to see what I could find in my local branch.

I have been shopping at TK Maxx for years and particularly love their homewares, for the main reason that you never quite know what you will find as their stock comes from all over the world and changes frequently. I very rarely come out with what I went in for in the first place, but that’s all part of the experience! For this space I thought that I would probably look for a lamp, a rug and a couple of other items to add warmth and life. But I remained open minded as I wanted to see what would jump out at me in store!

In the end and after lots of indecision(!) I chose some really lovely things that worked well together and I was confident would completely lift the bedside space. I bought a beautiful Indian 4ft x 6ft block print rug, three cushions, an adjustable bedside lamp and a vase which altogether came to just under £100 which I couldn’t quite believe. The rug was a particular steal - just £29.99. All three of the cushions were each under £15 and one of them was £9.99 with an RRP of £45!

I deliberately gravitated towards pieces that were good quality and classic in their design because I was keen that these items be versatile and long lasting. I took my lead from the colour palette I already had in my bedding and the postcard on the wall (teals, blues, mustard and brown) and used this to inform my choices, which worked really well because it meant that everything blended together really naturally.

I’m so pleased with how this little corner looks now! I think it’s so important for a spare room to feel homely and welcoming and it’s so easy to forget about this room because it’s often less frequently in use than the rest of the house. Now we’ve left London, we get lots more visitors than we used to and so I have been determined to put as much love and energy into this room as others so that our visitors feel at home when they come to stay.

Clearly the time of year has influenced me as I was totally drawn to autumnal colours and deep luxurious textures like velvet and velveteen. I absolutely love the burnt gold and mustard cushions which make the bed feel so much more inviting than before. They both feel heavy and properly squishy which makes such a difference to the bed. The smaller one was reduced to £8, I’m now kicking myself for not buying a few more!

The subtle colours in the rug tone perfectly with my teal linen pillowcases and tie the whole scheme together. I love how the colours in the bed and floor mirror the postcard on the wall! The geometric design adds texture and is modern enough to keep this corner feeling contemporary and fresh when used next to the antique bedside table. Having a rug next to the bed also adds warmth and depth to a room and makes for a more comfortable experience when you get out of bed first thing in the morning!

The lamp is both pleasing on the eye and practical for reading in bed. I love the natural wood arm which adds interest and a rustic quality that is bang on trend. It also looks a lot more expensive than the £24.99 it cost! I hadn’t intended to buy a vase but as soon as I saw this one I knew it would be coming home with me! Ceramic head vases are having a bit of a moment right now and I love how simple and understated this one is. It looks perfect filled with a big bunch of hydrangeas from my granny’s garden and I know that I will enjoy displaying blooms in it all over the house throughout the year. It adds a bit of fun and personality to this corner and at £12.99 was a total bargain.

So that’s my spare room transformation! I was genuinely impressed by the pieces that TK Maxx had on offer and by what brilliant value the things I chose were. They get fresh deliveries every week so it’s a good idea to pop in frequently as you never know what new things will have arrived! I will definitely be popping in again or having a browse online at as I embark on decorating the other rooms in our house.

Mary x