I am Mary Maddocks, a textile artist and lifestyle blogger living in South East London with my husband Raoul, our baby son and our two cats Bobby and Bruce. For the last couple of years I blogged at Flea & Bear, a lifestyle blog which I started as a way of recording our day to day life and as a journal of memories. Until 2016 I worked as a lawyer in the City, but after some serious soul searching I made the decision to leave law and pursue my loves of woven art and interiors, writing, blogging, crafting and making.     

My textile art combines a passion for woven crafts with a lifelong love of the natural world; I create wall hangings and woven jewellery inspired and informed by natural landscapes and textures. I am particularly drawn to the landscapes of West Wales and the Scottish Highlands, places that hold a special magic for me and where I have spent many happy days. To have a look at my pieces and find out more, please take a look here

For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with interiors and the notion of "home" and have always sought to create a haven for us, our family and our friends within the walls of our house. In 2014 we bought our first house and embarked upon a year long renovation project to transform the bare bricks of our Victorian terrace into a space that reflected our passions and personalities. My love of home and the constant ways in which it evolves and grows, and my interest in real life, living and breathing interiors are things that I write about here. 

Crafting and making is another of my interests, and something that gives me immense joy and fulfilment. I believe that the act of making can make us forget ourselves, liberate our minds and allow us to appreciate the simpler pleasures of life. Here I will share my love of crafting, from making seasonal wreaths, handmade Christmas decorations, objects to personalise and decorate the home, handmade presents and greetings cards and lots of other things! 

I grew up in the Welsh countryside and although I now live in London, my heart still yearns daily for the open spaces and big skies of rural Wales. I love to get out of London and ramble in the Kent and Sussex countryside, or take our VW campervan for a drive down winding country lanes and a night under the stars. The natural world, its quirks and mysteries, immense beauty and unnerving power is a constant source of fascination to me and that too is something that I love to write about here. 

If you would like to get in touch to find out about working with me, commissioning a weaving or just say hi, please drop me an email at maddocks.mary@gmail.com. I'd love to hear from you.